About Houston Technologies

Houston Technologies, an Oracle Gold Partner, has developed from an OPA Implementation expert to one of the nations fastest growing Oracle CX Service Cloud implementers. The Oracle CX Service Cloud pillar includes OPA Cloud Service, Oracle Service Cloud, and Oracle Field Service Cloud. Houston Technologies now leverages each of these technologies, along with Oracle's PaaS offerings to design and rapidly deploy end-to-end solutions that can be enhanced to meet most any business need and leverage AI in the form of Chatbots where applicable. In a market where the customer's experience dictates the growth or demise of a company, Houston Technologies' process and value centric methodologies have driven measurable results and expanded numerous offerings which afforded many organizations the ability to succeed at what they do best, serve their clients!

Taking CX to the next level, we leverage Oracle's Chatbot, Analytics, and Integration Cloud services to meet your customers where they are, give you the tools you need to create compelling analytical stories for you and your customers, and integrate with new and existing systems to allow a new level of enterprise grade data transparency. This allows organizations to do what they do best at every layer of their business

Houston Technologies operates in many verticals, and has certified implementation, support, and training staff to ensure success with the solutions being built. We have best in class analysts that can work with your subject matter experts to map, enhance, and deliver the best journey for every client your organization comes into contact with.

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