Delivering Modern Customer Service

Through the following ways!

Web Customer/Self Service

connected devices

"72% of customers prefer web and mobile self-service when interacting with an organization" - Forrester , Web Sites That Don't Support Customers Goals Waste Millions"

.Houston Technologies ensures a modern customer experience solution through the combination of self-service, and assisted service, via chatbots, live-chat, co-browse, phone, and even social channels

Connected, Engaging, Personal

Smart Engagements

  • Web: Personalize every customer experience by reading Digital Body Language. Capture and track behaviors while personalizing the experience
  • Email: Rely on a proven enterprise marketing platform. Power increased revenue and higher customer engagement.
  • Mobile: Engage your on-the-go customers wherever they are. Deliver your content and notifications in context.
  • Social: Start turning Likes and Tweets intoadvocacy and revenue. Connect social interaction data to campaigns and analytics.
  • Display: Give display ads personal relevance for increased engagement. Transform display from transactions to relationships.

Personalized Service

  • Virtual Assistant: Guide your customers to the right answers in natural language conversations with a virtual assistant.
  • Proactive Chat: Augment self-service with live-agent assistance.
  • Guided Interactions: Provide customers with a step-by-step guided path to resolution.
  • Co-Browse: Enable agents to view a customer’s screen and assist in tasks such as ecommerce check-out or walking a customer through a process.

Cross-Channel Contact Center

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If a bad experience takes place within a contact center, 79% of customers will tell others about it. With social media in the mainstream, and with messaging apps growing at a faster pace than most social networks, a recommendation from a great customer experience is a differentiating service that drives business. Houston Technologies' Cross-Channel and Omni-Channel Contact Centers enables your agents to deliver exceptional service regardless of the channel or device your customers use to communicate.

Adaptable, Unified, Empowering

Smart Engagements

  • Unified Desktop: Eliminate swivel integrationand unify your applications into a single desktop. Built-in integration technology makes it easy to bring applications together in the desktop – even behind the firewall.
  • Case Management: Manage cases efficiently with built-in productivity tools such as skills-based routing, SmartAssistant, standard text, workflow, and scripting. Flexible desktop designers enable you to tailor the desktop to your specific business needs.
  • Mobile Desktop: Gain total visibility into the operations of your instance of the cloud, with global coverage from a fully redundant infrastructure.
  • Integrated Telephony: Integrate to both on- premises and cloud-based telephony via web-services APIs and take advantage of complete telephony control on the desktop.
  • Customer Engagement: Combine feedback and survey capabilities with outreach campaigns to both understand the voice of the customer and proactively communicate to your customers.
  • Social Engagement: Expand your reach and proactively monitor and engage customers directly in social media, resolve incidents, and minimize social content that can negatively impact your brand.
  • Guided Resolution: Enable your agents to guide customers through step-by-step troubleshooting and zero-in on the right answer to resolve issues faster.
  • Analytics: Track and analyze customer service performance, customer satisfaction, and a host of key service metrics with pre-built dashboards and ad hoc reporting.

Knowledge Management


"Over half of US online customers will abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their questions" - North American Technographics Customer Experience Survey.

"Houston Technologies" Knowledge Management provides a modern solution that allow users to access knowledge wherever they are, across all channels, mobile and even in other applications and games.

Intelligent, Insightful, Everywhere

  • Content Authoring: Rapidly author and deliver knowledge using a powerful, web-based, WYSIWY rich-text editor.
  • Conceptual, Self-Learning Search: Use the facts to get the right response. Minimize knowledge maintenance with self-learning capabilities.
  • Guided Resolution: Provide step-by-step troubleshooting and guide your customers to the right answers.
  • SmartAssistant: Intercept and reduce inbound escalations by up to 30%. Leverage SmartAssistant to recommend the best answer based on a customer question.
  • Content Federation: Simultaneously search multiple information sources and display results in a single integrated list.
  • Natural Language: Ask and understand questions in conversational language. Use the context and intent of a question to return the right answer – faster and simpler.
  • Knowledge Analytics: Understand both the effectiveness of knowledge as well as knowledge gaps by analyzing content usage, search terms, and customer satisfaction.
  • Knowledge Everywhere: Embed knowledge where it’s needed most – directly in a product, appliance, game console, or mobile app.

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