Our Core Service


Automation Services

Take some of the workload off your employees and let us automate your business processes today! Our automation services include everything from providing self-service advice and decisions to customers to automatically routing calls and emails internally to appropriate agents.

Our Automation Capabilities

Give business users the power to configure advice:

  • Natural language rules so business users can maintain rules without a programmer.
  • Flexible rule authoring so you can customize to your business.
  • Collaboration features so multiple users can manage and develop rules together.

Eliminate repetitive work through automated:

  • Updates
  • Responses
  • Escalations
  • Assignments

Queue and route records and tasks to the appropiate agents:

  • Route customer questions based on product and agent skill
  • Round-robin queuing
  • Standard assignments

Load and save data to existing systems:

  • Determinations API
  • Connector Framework
  • Rest APIs

Our extensive deployment experience will allow you to:

  • Get your system up and running fast
  • Adapt quickly to changing policies or expectations

Unify knowledge:

  • Create knowledge articles and answers in one place to provide to agents and customers.
  • Suggest answers to customers based on their previous searches and interactions.

Automation Transformation

With customers' expectations constantly increasing, transform your service operations with automation.

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