Link Building for Local SEO: Tips and Best Practices


Search engines value trustworthy websites. They gauge that trustworthiness through multiple ranking factors. One of those ranking factors is link building. When credible sources are linking back to the same source, search engines start giving those websites a huge search engine ranking push.

Local link building is a lot like global link building. There are just a few differences that we will discuss later in detail. For now, the most distinguished difference between both of them is that global SEO caters to a nationwide or international link-building approach, whereas local SEO link-building focuses more on getting links from a specific local community.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinking or link building is an SEO strategy where you reach out to other credible sources to get a quality link back to your website through an external piece of content.

This adds credibility and authority to your website because other credible sources are talking about your business on their websites. It's a way of them telling search engines ‘We found this content valuable and wanted to link our content to them as a source’ The more high quality links you get, the better search rankings your web pages get.

What is Local Link Building?

Local link building efforts are an essential part of any local SEO strategy. You want to get locally relevant links to help Google and others understand that you are a part of the local community.

What Are Examples Of Local Link Building?

When a customer performs a local search query such as ‘Houston law attorneys.’ search engine algorithms will rely on ranking factors like backlinks to generate results related to that query. Local links assist the search sites in understanding which product/service is the most trustworthy within that specific location in our example Houston.

These local links can come from all sorts of places, like individuals, trade unions, businesses, and more. Local links from your customer’s geographical location are crucial for small businesses that are just starting out.

Local Business Listings Links

Here are some query combinations you should try when reaching out for local links:

  • [neighborhood] business listings
  • [neighborhood] business directory
  • [neighborhood] directory
  • [product/service type keyword] business listings [neighborhood]
  • [product/service keyword] business directory [neighborhood]
  • [product/service type keyword] directory [neighborhood]

For trade organizations:

  • [neighborhood] [product/service type keyword] alliance
  • [neighborhood] [product/service type keyword] association
  • [neighborhood] [product/service type keyword] council
  • [neighborhood] [product/service type keyword] society

You can also find more related search query combinations on Google and Bing.

Best Tips And Practices And Local SEO Link Building

1. Get Listed In Local Business Directories

Local directories and industry-specific directories are a cost effective way to get quality backlinks for your business. Google My Business, and Yelp are some of the directories where you can list all of your business information completely free of cost.

There are some directories where you’ll have to pay a small number of fees, but the links those directories give are much more valuable in the long run. We recommend listing your business on websites that are specific to your industry and the local area where you operate.

2. Leverage The Potential Of Social Media

Most local businesses need to pay more attention to the potential of social media for local SEO link building. Social media signals don’t heavily impact your website’s authority or local search results. However, they are also free of cost and can generate a decent amount of traction for your business.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just some of the social media platforms where you can promote your business depending on your industry and target audience. Other businesses and websites can also reach out to you through these social platforms for a link exchange collaboration which is also an effective local link building strategy for giving your local SEO efforts a boost.

3. Get Featured On Local News Sites

Local newspapers sites, and forums can also add a quality backlink to your link profile. Local communities use these local sites and forums to stay in touch with the local community around them. Getting a link from them would show search sites where you run a business in that specific local community.

You can find these news sites and forums using a quick search query like ‘Local news Houston or ‘Downtown Houston forums.’ You can also submit a press release to these platforms requesting to promote your business or collaborate for a local event.

4. Work With Local Bloggers Or Influencers For Local Link Building Opportunities

Local influencers are people who are famous in a community and have a local following. You can seek collaboration opportunities with these influencers by submitting a guest post on their local blogs or asking for a small shout-out to your business.

There can even be a trade offer where you review each other’s products or services for a quality link exchange. Lastly, these partnerships can also help your business become visible to a wider audience.

5. Pursue Sponsorships With Other Local Organizations and Brands

Reach out to brands that are not your direct competitors to obtain a local backlink and increase your brand awareness. For example, if you are selling surfboards to a local community, you can reach out to a brand in your local area selling beach apparel. When their customers start following your brands through those relevant local websites, your search engine rankings start to grow organically.

Conclusion - Local Link Building Strategies

Local links build your authority in search engines. When other credible websites add your link to their websites, search engines see that as a sign of trustworthiness. However, not all backlinks are created equal. That’s why, you should get links from websites and referring domains that have a high domain authority.

If you still want to know more about how local SEO and local linking can grow your business, reach out to us today for a quick consultation call and figure out great ranking insights with our local SEO experts.

Author : anandpathak1988