Oracle Health Sciences Connect 2021 Goes Global


"networking and making connections with peers in the industry"

Life Sciences is changing and at a very rapid rate. We all know it’s a big pill to swallow (no pun intended!) for our industry to completely change the way clinical trials and its processes have been conducted for years.

Connected, Engaging, Personal

Smart Engagements

  • web: Personalize every customer experience by reading Digital Body Language. Capture and track behaviors while personalizing the experience
  • Email: Rely on a proven enterprise marketing platform. Power increased revenue and higher customer engagement.
  • Mobile: Engage your on-the-go customers wherever they are. Deliver your content and notifications in context.
  • Social: Start turning Likes and Tweets intoadvocacy and revenue. Connect social interaction data to campaigns and analytics.
  • Display: Give display ads personal relevance for increased engagement. Transform display from transactions to relationships.
Author : houstontechnologies