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Automated E Form

Work smarter and gain immediate insights

Digitize Core Processes

From automating HR Forms to managing workflows and creating streamlined inspections, E-Forms can help optimize your processes and automate your data entry! Transform your organization with the automation of your paper-based processes with an easy-to-build interface.

What can Automated E-Forms do for your organization?

Cut Costs

Reduce the costs of automating your business proccesses with quick implementations and maintenance.

Save Decisions

Use a customer's E-Form answers to automate a decision or calculation to save to your existing systems.

Advice Authoring

Utilize advice authoring to point customers to the correct E-forms to fill out.

Generate Documents

Save the customer's answers in different applications such as Word or PDF with your company branding, bar codes, or electronic signatures.

Go Paperless

Quickly design and deploy your E-Forms with natural language syntax and use compliance and analytics features to design the best user experience.

Be the hero in your organization by transforming and automating your processes, today!

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