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COVID-19 Health Check

Allow your company to transition back to on-site work with a painless automated process

COVID-19 Health Testing

This is a stressful time for organizations as they explore through the pandemic and characterize new practices to protect employees, clients, and the community. To help facilitate the burden, Sterling has made creative services and solutions to address the pandemic by coordinating a flexible end-to-end COVID-19 testing program.

How does the Health Check Platform work ?


Health screenings can help companies gain insight into the overall health of their employees and prevent the spread of the virus from occurring in the office.


Robust actions, alerts, and reporting can be built for visibility at the unit, area, and enterprise level.


Easily print daily Employee Health Check reports


Enable employees to wear a Health Check sticker certifying that they completed their daily screening for guests and team members to see.

Protect your workplace from Coronavirus

  • Preventing Covid 19

    Screen your employees for normal Coronavirus manifestations — before they come to work.

  • Keep your team healthy

    Monitor your workforce with your employer dashboard to know which employees need your support.

  • Contact tracing

    Our contact tracking feature can assist you with following potential subsequent targets when contamination is hailed.

Key Benefits to a Remote COVID-19 Health Check Solution

  • Reduce the risk of further transmission

    A remote health check means no symptomatic employees arrive at your work.

  • Accountability to your staff

    Ensure a safe working environment for your team.

  • Collect a secure, digital record of cases

    Records of cases or symptoms can be utilized for contact tracing and COVID-19 Vaccination appointment scheduling and tracking.

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