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Grant Management Software

Servicing Grantees, Grantors or both all in one easy to manage platform that drives results and compliance!

Streamlined Grant Management

Streamlined workflow & management for everything from origination and servicing loans, to reporting and financial reconciliation. Quickly scale while at the same time lessening overhead expenses by utilizing work processes and automation.The grant lifecycle as the intersection of grantee steps with grantor steps as:

Pre-award planning

Funding organizations have the potential to waste the largest amount of time during this step, which includes budgeting, planning, the application process, and application selection.

Award implementation

Organizations inform applicants about the results of the grant, work closely with grant recipients to finalize details, and release funds.

Post-award management

The reports and results that this phase generates can be effective public relations materials, making this a key component of the lifecycle.

Grantees Key Features

  • Streamlined Grant Applications
  • Grant Application Outcome Traceability & Auditability
  • Easy to navigate e-Portal
  • Compliance Alerts and Tracking

Grantors Key Features

  • Administer Grants
  • Automated Approvals/Denials
  • Sophisticated and Configurable Workflow
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Advanced Analytics & Dashboards


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