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Licensing And Permitting

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Oracle Value with Our Wide-Range of Oracle Licensing Services.

At Houston Technologies, we take a holistic approach looking at licensing from a business, technology and hardware perspective. It is our goal to help our clients achieve proper asset management that will positively impact the bottom line. With over 25 years of working with Oracle products, contracts, and licensing – let us be your accomplice of decision.

Licensing & Permitting: Streamlined Solution in Oracle PaaS

Houston Technologies has built a fresh, easy-to-use, mobile-centric licensing and permitting solution accelerator on the Oracle Cloud Platform. Houston Technologies Licensing & Permitting (as a Service) solution helps public sector agencies better manage their day-to-day licensing and permitting functions by streamlining and automating the experience.

Business Rules and Workflow Config are managed and set up inside the Oracle Process Cloud Service. Our solution accelerator provides a series of templates and configurations for order management, permit and license setup, account management and application processing.

It incorporates and exposes the workflows defined with the Oracle Process Cloud Service.

Secure PCI Payment Integration comes with out of the box integration with BluePay, a widely used PCI compliant payment processing solution. If agencies prefer to use their existing payment gateway solution, our accelerator is flexible to integrate with those as well.

Integration to CRM, ERP and Others leverages the Oracle Integration Cloud Service or SOA Cloud Service with pre-built integrations to Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Sales Cloud and other ERP and CRM SaaS based apps

Our Team of Experts will Help You With

  • Understanding the review and the cycle
  • Changing technology and how it affects your license environment
  • Mitigating risk, preparation and route
  • Best practices around various versions, products, virtualization, hardware implications and maintenance costs

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