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Loan Management Software

An end-to-end solution in one system.

Loan Management Software for the Entire Loan Cycle

Streamlined workflow & management for everything from origination and servicing loans, to reporting and financial reconciliation. Quickly scale while at the same time lessening overhead expenses by utilizing work processes and automation.

Loan Servicing

Effectively create new loan products and expand into new markets. Improve efficiency and minimize delinquency rates.

Reporting & Statements

Improve choices and monitor key estimations. Effectively make custom reports or begin with 100s of standard ones.

Workflow and Automation

Automate your business through work processes and scripting. Make measures snappier and dispense with manual activities.

Loan Origination

Utilize our consulting team to create the originations front-end of your dreams or plug into an existing system..

Management Analytics

Deal with your business with real-time dashboards. Track and influence loan statistics and substantially more.

Key Features

  • Loan Product Suite for different types of loan
  • End-to-end Loan Management functionality for all types of loans & advances
  • Customer oriented settlement of account through Omni channels capability
  • Customer oriented configurable Credit Monitoring activity
  • Role specific dashboards, Alert management
  • Write off / Wave off as per regulatory authority rules
  • Configurable Product rule engine consisting of Limit Frame Work, Collateral Setup, Recovery Appropriation Policy, Interest & Changes Structure etc.


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