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Property Management

Tenant and property management in one solution

Streamlined Property and Tenant Management

Our tenant and property management solution streamlines the application, management, listing, financial and service request process for both tenants and property managers. This removes the headaches from operations and allows both sides to have the best experience possible!

All the features you could want

Through a mixture of accounting, bookkeeping, documenting, and organizing maintenance work orders, the best property management software acts as an effective interface between the tenant and the landlord. Some sophisticated variations even have mobile platforms for on-the-go use and real-time alerting of tenant issues.


Search and Application

Enter your unique requirements–moving date, price range, type of property and location–and scroll through results that are tailor made for you.



Our user friendly, intuitive and customize-able tenant dashboard allow you to manage all of your rental applications, favorite properties' availability, pertinent documents, payment history, service requests and lottery application status in one centralized location. This allows tenants to stay aware of listing availability, streamlines the application process, and helps them all the way through their tenure with any particular property!


Approve Applications

The applicant gets screened and a decision is made to approve or reject the application.



Our intuitive dashboard makes it simple to screen and manage tenants across all units:

  • See who has paid and who has not...all units on a single easy-to-use screen
  • Filter which units are shown by business or by property
  • See when leases have ended
  • View the aggregate sum due and received across various months and leases


Landlord 1
Landlord 2
Tenant 1
Tenant 2

Feature and Functional Review

  • Fully traceable, audit-able decisions based on local and/or state compliance & regulations
  • Full tenant and property management workflow including application and evaluation processes
  • Work order management
  • Send notifications through Email & SMS
  • Permissions management
  • Document storage
  • Task Manager
  • Live Chat
  • Broadcast of notifications

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