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Delivering Modern Customer Service

Through the following ways!

Web Customer/Self Service

Houston Technologies ensures a modern customer experience solution through the combination of self-service, and assisted service, via chatbots, live-chat, co-browse, phone, and even social channels.

Connected, Engaging, Personal

  • Web : Personalize every customer experience by reading Digital Body Language. Capture and track behaviors while personalizing the experience
  • Email : Rely on a proven enterprise marketing platform. Power increased revenue and higher customer engagement.
  • Mobile : Engage your on-the-go customers wherever they are. Deliver your content and notifications in context.
  • Social : Start turning Likes and Tweets intoadvocacy and revenue. Connect social interaction data to campaigns and analytics.
  • Display : Give display ads personal relevance for increased engagement. Transform display from transactions to relationships.
  • Virtual Assistant : Guide your customers to the right answers in natural language conversations with a virtual assistant.
  • Proactive Chat : Augment self-service with live-agent assistance.
  • Guided Interactions : Provide customers with a step-by-step guided path to resolution.
  • Co-Browse : Enable agents to view a customer’s screen and assist in tasks such as ecommerce check-out or walking a customer through a process.

Cross-Channel Contact Center

If a bad experience takes place within a contact center, 79% of customers will tell others about it. With social media in the mainstream, and with messaging apps growing at a faster pace than most social networks, a recommendation from a great customer experience is a differentiating service that drives business. Houston Technologies' Cross-Channel and Omni-Channel Contact Centers enables your agents to deliver exceptional service regardless of the channel or device your customers use to communicate.

Knowledge Management

"Over half of US online customers will abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their questions" - North American Technographics Customer Experience Survey.

"Houston Technologies" Knowledge Management provides a modern solution that allow users to access knowledge wherever they are, across all channels, mobile and even in other applications and games.









  • Content Authoring: Rapidly author and deliver knowledge using a powerful, web-based, WYSIWY rich-text editor.
  • Conceptual, Self-Learning Search: Use the facts to get the right response. Minimize knowledge maintenance with self-learning capabilities.
  • Guided Resolution: Provide step-by-step troubleshooting and guide your customers to the right answers.
  • SmartAssistant: Intercept and reduce inbound escalations by up to 30%. Leverage SmartAssistant to recommend the best answer based on a customer question.
  • Content Federation: Simultaneously search multiple information sources and display results in a single integrated list.
  • Natural Language: Ask and understand questions in conversational language. Use the context and intent of a question to return the right answer – faster and simpler.
  • Knowledge Analytics: Understand both the effectiveness of knowledge as well as knowledge gaps by analyzing content usage, search terms, and customer satisfaction.
  • Knowledge Everywhere: Embed knowledge where it’s needed most – directly in a product, appliance, game console, or mobile app.

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